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iAssist Brokers Inc

Where real estate meets virtual. 

Grow Your Business through the
Power of Leverage

Regardless if you are a full-time broker or a part-time broker, we can help you reach your next level.  iAssist Brokers Inc makes sure that our agent-partners receive clear and top-class service. We are not just another vendor, but a strategic partner providing transaction coordination, listing marketing and management, auxiliary services,  (like document drafting and compliance only), and virtual assistance hours. Our team of support professionals is the perfect partner to help provide optimum leverage to our agent partner.

At iAssist Brokers, our mission is to serve our Realtor® community by providing premium services and assisting innovatively, ethically, and competently. With 25+ years in the industry and a dynamic team of experienced professionals who are experts in their field, we have the intelligence, expertise, and resources necessary to assist you in taking your business to the next level.

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Client-Focused. Proactive. Reliable. 

Portfolio of Services

 iAssist Brokers Inc understands how stressful and demanding the real estate profession can be.  We go above and beyond our job description because we understand that to grow your business you need one less thing on your to-do list. Our optimum goal is to help Realtor® become more profitable so they can spend more time with their family, and friends and enjoy life!


Our services include:

Transaction Management and Virtual Assistance

  • Listing Maintenance & Marketing

  • Contract to Close Transaction Management

  • Compliance Only Services

Virtual Assistance & TCM Subscription services. 

Coaching and Training

From internal staff to realtors to other VA/TC business owners. We offer training and coaching on various aspects of Real Estate transaction management and business operations.

Marketing &

Social Media Management

From brochures, and flyers to listing presentations and social media templates and management- our team of designers are at the ready to fulfill your marketing orders.

Meet our Team Leader

Mary Martinez CEO | Founder

As a seasoned veteran of the real estate industry, Mary's years of experience and proven track record of consistently producing top-notch results for her clients continue to prove that she is well-versed in most areas of real estate transaction management and administration. She has built an unparalleled reputation for herself by offering the highest level of service and professionalism while still keeping things interesting!


Mary takes pride in her meticulous attention to detail, ability to manage crazy deadlines, and hundreds of details at any given time.  Mary has been in the real estate industry since 1995 and has worn many administrative and managerial hats which have helped her hone her superpower of complex multi-tasking by creating and implementing systems and processes that help organize and sustain her day-to-day operations. From Property Management to Escrow Coordinator to Chief Compliance and Risk Management Officer, there is not an aspect of transaction/office management that she has not held, developed, and grown knowledgeable in.

She takes pride in the professional, loyal, and positive customer relationships that she has built over her years in the industry. Mary is honored to be known as a trusted advisor who can be counted on to get the job done regardless of how big or small it may be.


Angela Paniagua, FL

"Mary and her team are my one stop shop! They give me peace of mind by completing their checklist to ensure the transaction is going smoothly. When I am on the road they are my right hand to help me get a signature or follow up on an item a client asks about. I highly recommend you use them! They are my back bone!"

Connie Cooper, FL

"Mary is very professional and on the ball. She has made great contacts that help her navigate the HOA approval processes and get to the closing table asap."

Lourdes Chaves, GA

"He estado con ellos desde el principio, cuando solo Mary Martinez estaba sola. Decir que hizo que nuestro negocio fuera más fácil sería quedarse corto. Nunca nos dimos cuenta del estrés que nos aliviaría hasta nuestro primer acuerdo. No hemos mirado atrás desde entonces. Su profesionalismo, compromiso y atención al detalle aseguran que nuestras transacciones fluyan sin problemas. No solo son un equipo increíble, sino también personas maravillosas. Nos sentimos honrados de trabajar junto a ellos y de llamarlos nuestros muy buenos amigos."
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