Contract to Close Services

As real estate transaction coordinators we are risk management and compliance specialists. Our mission is to ensure our Agent-Partner's experience piece of mind knowing their transaction are handled by our coordination experts.  As remote virtual assistants specializing in real estate - we have the plug and play systems and tools to help Realtors' leverage out of the desk work to get them back on the field with the people work. We've got their back when they need it, and there's no place we'd rather be than being their #keyboardwarriors.

​Agent Responsibilities 

  • Provide executed contract & addendas and disclosure 

  • Completing Submission form ( link found above and below)

  • Negotiate repairs, appraisal inspection issues & other changes to the contract

  • Provide terms and approve documents drafted

  • Obtain all keys and access items prior to closing

  • Perform final walkthrough and attend closing (if applicable)

  • Approve final CD/ALTA